Official Sara Dastjani English | Interview with @saradastjani: Everyone wants to prove that they are the best
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Interview with @saradastjani: Everyone wants to prove that they are the best

Sara is an amazing actress currently based in LA but born in Germany. She is into fashion, fitness, traveling and obviously acting. Find out more about her career and her life in this interview. Keep on reading!


Hi Sara, you are a full-time actress. Could you tell us more about your acting beginnings? What made you want to go on this path?


I always knew that I wanted to become an actress. All my childhood I was on stage. As a ballerina, as a pianist, in school musicals or at the kids theatre. I took acting classes in Germany and realized that this is what I’m made for. So I moved over 5 years ago from Germany to LA by myself. I could barely speak any English. I studied at the New York Film Academy: Acting for Film and after I studied at the Stella Adler Academy: Acting for Theater. It changed me a lot and taught me things I didn’t even know about myself. I use different types of techniques for acting. I love it. A lot of people were looking funny at me and laughed when I told them about my goal to become an actress and move to LA. Over here people were telling me I have no chance to be an actress with my accent. I work on that accent with my coach for 3 years every week. This is the toughest part for me.



In how many movies have you starred? Would you, please, pick one for us and explain what it is about and did you decide you wanted to take part in it?


I picked Therapists for a leading part because I could use 1 of the 5 languages that I can speak. In this case, it was French. Even though, it was just a French American accent, it was still fun for me. I did many TV shows in Germany for major networks and finished up a comedy series for the US market and a TV show for MTV international. In the early 2019, we are filming a science fiction series for a US major network where I’m playing a leading part. I just signed the contracts and I’m very excited.



What do you think is the best thing about being an actress? Could you also share the best and worst experience you’ve made connected to acting so far?


The good thing about being an actress is that you can use all the worst last experiences in your life to inspire people to go the right way. That means nothing you went through was for no reason. You can share it and change other people’s lives.

The worst experience to me wasn’t really any specific situation but the fact that you’re often very close to get a great role and then it just doesn’t happen. And you get jaded and used to it. You learn to question things more.



Could you describe your typical shooting day?


A typical shooting day starts early in the morning. You usually haven’t slept all night because you’re so excited and focused on the part you’re playing and end up being exhausted and tired by shooting for many hours a day without eating and drinking much.



Do you have problems with remembering your lines? Do you have any tips or tricks for people who struggle with memorising?


Actually I’m really good at memorizing my lines. I can easily learn 8-10 pages a day. My tips for memorizing lines is not to get married to the words but feeling the situation and the meaning of your lines. What helps me is creating a story about the person and the  circumstances. And when I’m learning the lines doing something else, for example cleaning my apartment while practicing my lines.



Are you nervous when being in front of the cameras? If so, what do/did you do to overcome the stress and stage-fright?


I’m usually not nervous in front of camera. It’s even pushing my confidence because everything feels appreciated and right. Like when I’m at home. I’m the most confident person when the camera is on. But when people are not like that I think it’s helpful to focus on the character and the message instead of their personal feelings.



What is it like behind the scenes?


Behind the scenes means stress and no emotions. Nobody cares about your timing, you just have to have done your homework and have to be prepared to deliver right away what they want.



Is it possible to have friends among other actresses or is there rivalry between you guys?


The competition between actors is huge. Even male actors are sometimes weird towards women because the pressure is high. Everyone wants to prove that they are the best and most successful.



Do you have any dream role that you would like to get one day? Tell us more about it.


My dream role is to be a mentally ill person who might kills others and enjoys it. Or to play a historical role in a movie like Gladiator. Not because I feel that way personally but because I look up to other actors who play these parts so believably and I love watching movies like that. It is like the most inspiring acting part for me and I always respect the art and hard work of an actor behind it. I know how hard it is to show these emotions in your eyes and this is my passion to play a role like that and believe myself as an actor.



What is it like kissing strangers for movies? Is it strange for you?


Kissing in a movie is like doing my homework in math. You’re focused on the goal and feel nothing. You think and do what you need to be authentic and great. I personally don’t find it hard to look sexy. That’s why I think this way maybe.



What is your biggest accomplishment so far?


My biggest accomplishment is to have learned to see the big picture, understand the industry and to be able to use my own strategies to get closer to my goal. Also the fact that I’ve built up an independent life without needing anyone financially and still be able to work on my acting career.



What are you working on at the moment?


I’m working on new acting techniques and on my accent. I don’t want to have any points where people could complain about when it’s about acting. Also I’m writing skits and stand-up comedy concepts. I think as artists you should try everything that makes you grow.



What do you do in your free time?


In my free time, I like to spend time with cool friends and inspiring people. I love  traveling. I also read a lot and want to learn every day something new.



You were raised in Germany. Do you miss your home country? Is there anything German you like that you can’t get in LA?


Of course, there are things I love about Germany. For example, that the pressure is lower and the life quality and resting times are higher than in LA. I love the simple life over there. I can just hang out all day in great restaurants and chill. But you can get everything over here too and more. I love America and LA. I’m very grateful for my life out here.



You also like travelling. How many countries have you visited so far and which ones are on your bucket list?


I think I’ve traveled the whole world besides Africa and Australia. I know many cultures and learned a lot. I always get inspired when I see the world. I want to do a safari tour in Africa, see the pyramids in Egypt and even Paris, it is so close to my hometown in Germany and I still haven’t been there. That’s still on my bucket list.



What would you recommend people to visit in Germany?


I recommend to go to Berlin. You have to visit Berlin and Munich. It’s very hip and beautiful.